Wow! Momo Future Plans 2021

Wow! Momo is a quick-service restaurant provides the wide variety which is now available in all parts of India. They are swiftly growing and all has the biggest momo supply chain in India. In over 250 cities, it offers their wide variety of Momos with their own special ingredients sauces. We will discuss about the Wow! Momo future plans in 2021.

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Wow! Momo Founders

Wow! Momo Future Plans

Sagar Daryani and Binod Homagai are the founders of Wow! Momo who continuously works on the expansion of the business. There are plenty of plans on which they are working currently or will work in the future.

Short Run

Cloud Kitchen Concept

Cloud kitchen, also known as Ghost Kitchen refers to a place where food is prepared and delivered at door steps by taking orders via calls and online ordering platforms.

The brand aims to initiate the opening of cloud kitchens to meet its customers online using food platforms like Zomato and Swiggy. It will increase the revenue of Wow! Momo.

Wow! Momo Cloud Kitchen
Wow! Momo Future Plans 2021

Outlets Expansion

By 2021, Wow! Momo is planning to open 50-100 new outlets (Want to accomplish 350-400 outlets in total) and INR 300 crores turnover was also expected in terms of profits. But due to the Covid-19 pandemic this seems a difficult task to achieve.

Momo Variety

Momo represents a mix of consistency, flavor and diverse varieties in its exclusive product of diverse momos. Wow! Momo provides 12 different momos flavors that are available in 4 types, e.g., steamed, fried and pan-fried and kurkure momos. Flour variants are mostly mainly white and brown.

They fry these momos to give them Indian tastes with various sweet or spicy sauces.

Furthermore, they have other truths, such as Momo chats, Tandoori momos, momos fried, Momo Burgers named MoBurg. The company also carries on its menu a special dessert called ‘Chocolate Momo.’

They continuously works on their Menu. They already added a wide variety of Momos that are discussed above. They currently have 12 flavors in their Menu and planning to add more complex and diverse momo flavors to attract more customers.

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Wow! Momo Safety Measures after Lockdown

Long Run

Sagar Daryani (Wow! Momo CEO) said in one of their interviews that he want that Wow! Momo will become the first Momo QSR company which is listed on the stock exchange. Further, he want to build an international brand like Domino’s, Pizza Hut and KFC.

He also said he will stick with Momos and also add more and more items in the Menu time to time.


We can conclude that they are consistently working on the improvements and the expansions of Wow! Momo Business. They are growing year by year in the form of outlets, offerings, and revenue.


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