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Revenue (Business) Model of CoinDCX | CoinDCX Business Model (How CoinDCX earns money)

CoinDCX is India’s largest and safest cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easily. In just 3 Years CoinDCX is the first Unicorn Company related to the cryptocurrency buying and selling platform. We will discuss about the Revenue (Business) Model of CoinDCX and the ways by which they earns money.

CoinDCX was founded in 2018 headquartered in Mumbai. The founders and CEO of CoinDCX are Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal

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  • CoinDCX Company Highlights
  • CoinDCX – Name, Logo and Tagline
  • CoinDCX Vision and Mission
  • About CoinDCX
  • Founder of CoinDCX
  • CoinDCX Business and Revenue Models
  • Revenue Model of CoinDCX
  • CoinDCX Competitors
  • How CoinDCX Earns Money even it’s free?

CoinDCX Company Highlights

Company NameCoinDCX
HeadquartersMumbai, Maharashtra, India
IndustryCryptocurrency, Software
FoundedApril 2018
FounderSumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal
Areas ServedWorldwide

CoinDCX – Name, Logo and Tagline

NAME of the STARTUP – “CoinDCX”

TAGLINE – “Your Gateway to Crypto.

DCX  is a Singapore-based company that specializes in crypto-enabled services, and so the name ‘Coin’ DCX justifies the same. It is an ISO certified company that provides the highest liquidity with the fastest onboarding process in the industry.


CoinDCX Vision and Mission

CoinDCX mission and vision statement says, “CoinDCX envisions to enable global financial inclusion of billions of people around the planet with a crypto-based financial services. We aim to make decentralized financial services accessible to the common man on their palms and tips.

About CoinDCX

CoinDCX is a platform founded in 2018 that allows users to legally exchange various cryptocurrencies. Currently CoinDCX offers a wide range of cryptocurrencies such as, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Binance Coin (BNB), Bitorrent, Tether (USDT), Cardano (ADA), Stellar Lumens (XLM), Ripple (XRP), Basic Attention Token (BAT), Matic Network (MATIC), Tron (TRX) etc.

It is built for all types of traders as per the high or low risk taker, either creates concentrated portfolio or diversified portfolio, allowing customers to trade their crypto assets according to their requirements, frequency of trading.

CoinDCX is a company that is working on a cryptocurrency trading network. The trading experience is quick, reliable, and effortless thanks to its liquidity, powerful wallet, and impenetrable protection. CoinDCX has given its traders access to a variety of industry-first products that enable them to trade using exchange liquidity.

CoinDCX – Founders

CoinDCX recently achieved a milestone of $1 Billion Valuation which means now CoinDCX is a Unicorn Company/ It was founded in April 2018 by Sumit Gupta and Neeraj Khandelwal.

CoinDCX Founders – “Sumit Gupta” and “Neeraj Khandelwal” – Successko

Sumit Gupta first learned the blockchain technology by which the Bitcoin born. And after a depth study about the blockchain and cryptocurrencies, then the concept of putting together different decentralized marketplaces and cryptocurrencies came around, which serve as the marketplace’s medium of exchange, stayed with him.

He then reached out to his friend Neeraj Khandelwal, with whom he worked to fill the crucial market gaps between this emerging technology and global consumers. The duo realized that Blockchain traders, who could keep track of thousands of crypto trades every second, lacked a single trading network. In April 2018, the IIT-Bombay graduates launched CoinDCX as a result of this.

The startup claims to have had a daily trading volume of more than $10M and a monthly trading volume of $400 M since its launch. After researching the industry and the potential of crypto technology, they launched the DCX journey with a cryptocurrency exchange in 2018.

The CoinDCX team created the entire platform from the ground level. Full-stack developers, blockchain developers, machine learning engineers, app developers, software engineers, and data scientists make up the team of 50+ Members, giving them the expertise to incorporate any innovative logic or functionality in our market.

Revenue (Business) Model of CoinDCX

The CoinDCX business model has established single-point access to trade all cryptocurrency instruments available in over 500 markets, according to the founders. It claims to have developed a highly scalable trade machine engine capable of processing one million transactions per second. 

CoinDCX generates revenue by the following ways:

  1. Any transaction or exchange on CoinDCX incurs a transaction fee. Deposit fees (charged on exchanging currencies), withdrawal fees, trading commissions (0.01 percent of the overall transaction is normal on any exchange), and listing fees are how CoinDCX makes money, just like any other cryptocurrency exchange.
  2. The trader will convert INR to Cryptos and vice versa on DCXInsta, gain by lending their holdings with DCXlend, and leverage trades with DCXmargin on DCXtrade’s 500+ markets. CoinDCX aspires to be the world’s cryptocurrency exchange. Its patented liquidity aggregation model gives users access to liquidity from the world’s leading cryptocurrency exchanges.

To check all the charges of CoinDCX by which they earns money – CLICK HERE

How to Join CoinDCX | CoinDCX Registration Process

It is very easy to register with CoinDCX and trade the cryptocurrencies

  • Create an account in just 5 Minutes – Sign up with your email ID and mobile number.
  • Add funds to your wallet
  • Start Investing in Crypto – Buy & Sell a variety of top coins at the best prices

Below is the Joining Link – Register Now and Get Worth Rs.100 Bitcoin for Free

CoinDCX Registration Process

CoinDCX Competitors

Top Competitors of CoinDCX are as follows:

  • WazirX
  • Vauld
  • Coinbase
  • Binance
  • Kucoin
  • C-Cex
  • Bitso
  • Poloniex


When was CoinDCX founded?

CoinDCX was founded in 2018 and now in 2021 CoinDCX is one of the Unicorn Startups of India.

Who are the Founders of CoinDCX?

The Founders of CoinDCX are Mr. Sumit Gupta and Mr. Neeraj Khandelwal. They both are IIT Bombay Graduates.

Who are the Competitors of CoinDCX?

Top Competitors of CoinDCX are UPHOLD, Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, LocalBitcoins, HitBTC, Kucoin, C-Cex, Bitso, and WazirX.

How CoinDCX earns money?

CoinDCX earns money from the Deposit fees (charged on exchanging currencies), withdrawal fees, trading commissions which is 0.01 percent of the overall transaction is normal on any exchange, and listing fees, just like any other cryptocurrency exchange.


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