Punjab Startup “AgNext Technologies” has developed a Device that gives you the quality of Milk, how safe to drink with 99% Accuracy

AgNext Technology” has developed an NIR-spectroscopy

which is a Device that detects the quality of Milk, AI and machine-learning enabled device to help catch milk adulteration early. It is an Agri Food Supply chain Tech Startup which was founded by Taranjeet Singh Bhamra

It was founded in 2016 based out of Mohali, Chandigarh. AgNext was selected as being one of the best performing Agri-Tech companies in Asia by the Dutch-based Rabobank financial services provider in the year 2019 that was followed by its winning of the Best Indian Agri-Tech Start-up Award for the year 2020.

Recently, AgNext was presented with the “Most Innovative Agri Startup Award’ at the FICCI Summit and Awards for Innovations by Agri Startups.

About the Device that detects the Quality of Milk

The testing equipment is an IoT-enabled, AI-powered, handheld, battery operated device. The data is fed into Qualix—AgNext’s cloud-based SaaS platform—which helps provide a collective visualisation of information across locations, allowing businesses to fast track data-led procurement decisions.

It can replace the traditional devices and also gives 99% accuracy.

This Device checks the fat content, SNF and the presence of adulterants in the Milk.

SNF refers to Solid-not-Fat which includes urea, maltodextrin, starch and sugar. These adulterants are mixed into the milk to raise the SNF value, which fetches a higher price in the market. 

Over the last year, more than 200 milk cooperative societies in Punjab, West Bengal and Haryana have started adopting this device. Overall, these machines have been employed in over 300 locations. Discussions are currently underway with cooperative societies in Rajasthan, Gujarat and Maharashtra.

“We have collected over 70,000 milk samples, with each measuring anywhere between 0.5 to 1 litre. These are fresh samples collected from the ground during the milking process to ensure purity. As a result, we have a vast array of data points that allow us to attain accuracy rates of 99% or more. Having said that, we first implemented the alg orithm after collecting 20,000 samples, but to make it more accurate, we kept ingesting more data. The error rate on our devices largely comes from human errors such as not inserting the cuvette thoroughly. Although it’s a very simple process, we are training stakeholders. As these stakeholders in the milk business get more sophisticated in the kind of adulterants they employ, so will our technology. We are one step ahead. This is how we are digitising testing, traceability and accuracy,” claims Taranjeet.

How to Test or use a Device developed by “AgNext Technologies”

The device is easy to use. Let us understand the usage in few simple steps:

1- Take a sample of Milk and fill it into the Small Test Tube.

2- Insert the Test Tube into the the Device and the device will obtain the report of Milk within 40 seconds.

The report will give you the information about the fat content, SNF, and all other kinds of adulterations. It also tests for the presence of adulterants, such as melamine, vegetable oil, maltodextrin, detergent, urea, starch, sugar and salt, amongst others, in just 40 to 45 seconds.

There is no requirement of Internet to operate the device. Only it is required if you want to store the data into the Qualix Platform.

The device is connected to a mobile phone via Bluetooth, which is further connected to the Cloud and AgNext systems. Besides its ability to seamlessly integrate multiple enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems through communication interfaces, the device is dust and water-resistant and can function across a range of climatic conditions.

Quality Check of Milk Device

Benefits of using the Device

  • It is compact and lightweight
  • You can understand the quality of Milk
  • It can be use without the access of Internet
  • It gives result within 40 Seconds
  • Most Important, device gives the 99% accuracy, so you can trust on the device
  • You can store you data in Qualix Platform which is Cloud-Based SaaS platform developed by AgNext Technologies

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Who has developed a Device that gives you the quality of Milk with 99% Accuracy.

The Device that gives you the quality of Milk with 99% Accuracy has developed by AgNext Technologies which is located in Mohali, Punjab

When was AgNext Technologies founded?

It was founded in 2016 by Taranjeet Singh Bhamra.

What is the use of NIR-spectroscopy Device?

The Device can detect the Fat Content, Solid-not-Fat and the presence of Adulterants.


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