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How UPSTOX started | Success Story of Upstox

Upstox is an online discount brokerage firm. It is funded by Kalaari Capital, GVK Davix, and Ratan Tata. It is registered under the name RKSV Securities, primarily as a proprietary trading firm in 2008, and then entered into the retail brokerage space in 2012.

Upstox | Successko

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About Upstox

The company has its headquarters in Mumbai, India and holds a membership with BSE, NSE, MCX and MCX-SX. It is the fastest growing broker in India focused on empowering investors & traders or financial success.

How Upstox Started

Upstox started its discount brokerage business with the name RKSV. The journey of Upstox started in 2009, and now they are holding top 5 positions in the list of brokerage houses in India and second-largest discount broker in terms of active customers.

Upstox is 100% online broker and offers investment in Equity, Derivatives, Currency, Commodity, Mutual Funds, IPO, GSec and Bonds.

Upstox started offering 2 plans in 2009 – Unlimited trading plan and Rs 20 discount brokerage plans. After few years broker has stopped offering unlimited trading plan and now completely focus in discount brokerage plan.

About Ravi Kumar (Upstox CEO)

Ravi Kumar is now the co-founder and CEO of Upstox, a leading fintech brokerage firm. He is traded in the stock markets since he was 16 years old. Under Ravi’s leadership, Upstox has more than doubled its number of clients–just within the last year.

Ravi Kumar chose to start a startup in the fintech space in India.

Upstox is an online discount stock broker backed by funding from Mr. Ratan Tata. He held 1.33% stake in the company


When was Upstox Founded?

Upstox was founded in 2008 as a proprietary firm and In 2012 they entered into the retail brokerage space

Who is the Founder of Upstox?

Founders of RKSV Securities (Upstox) are Ravi Kumar, Raghu Kumar and Shrinivas Vishwanath

Is Upstox owned by Ratan Tata?

Upstox is a discount brokerage firm funded by Mr. Ratan Tata. He held 1.33% stakes in the company


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