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CRED Revenue Model (How CRED earns Money)

CRED is an online application available on Android/IOS that rewards users in the form of Coupons for making their credit card bill payments through their platform.

CRED App Interface
CRED App Interface

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  • Revenue Model of CRED
  • How CRED Earns Money even it’s free?

About CRED

CRED is one of the best applications on the app market that offers rewards to pay your bills through the app by few simple clicks. It is very easy to use. CRED app has a beautiful UI and UX design.

Users sign up on the app and can see all the available offers on paying their credit card bills. There are many users using CRED applications and already pay their credit card bills using payments apps or directly from their bank

As the user continue to pay the bills, they can accumulate CRED Coins and redeem them for the rewards.

“Kunal Shah” – Founder of CRED

Kunal Shah is the Founder of the “CRED” application and also launches the “Freecharge” site too on August 15, 2010, which was later acquired by SNAPDEAL in 2015.

The application focuses on just a few things
  • Home – Your CIBIL Score and CRED Company News
  • Cards – Current Outstanding of the credit card bills
  • My CRED – CRED Coins earned and redeemed
  • Rewards – Available and Claimed rewards
  • Profile – Payment history and settings

How does CRED reward users?

There are two models by which CRED users earn rewards.

  1. Points – Earned by making credit card payments. One CRED Coin = Dynamic Value.

    Every time you pay the bill you will get a few assured cashback lucky cards. This is something similar to Google Pay scratch card for every UPI transaction. The scratch cards vary from Rs. 10 to Rs. 1,00,000. The lucky cash reward won will be directly credited into the credit card statement for which you had made the payment.

  2. Gems – Earned by referring members to CRED. One Referral = 10 Gems
CRED Rewards

CRED Business Model

CRED’s Business Model is focused on rewarding users for making their Credit Card bill payments through the online platform. The application uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) systems that track every single activity such as Credit Card Payment journey, due date reminders, spend patterns, and other card usage statistics.

Only those users whose Credit Score lie above a minimum threshold are allowed to access the application.

CRED Business Model
CRED Business Model | How CRED earns Money?

Revenue Model of CRED

CRED Revenue Model
CRED Revenue Model

CRED can generate revenue by

  • Offer listing fees
  • User’s data.
1.Offer Listing Fees

CRED displays the products and offers from businesses and generates revenue from businesses. There are offers from fashion retailers, to spas, to Amazon gift cards, and much more.

Users can select their offer by using the CRED Coins from the app which he/she can earn by paying their credit card bills.

Businesses pays fees to CRED for sending the business to them. Currently this is the main source of Revenue and comes primarily in the Revenue model of CRED

2.User’s Data

As you continue to pay bills and use the app, CRED collects your financial data to offer you better offers in the future. Financial institutions always want the most viable customers for their credit cards, loans, and other financial products.

CRED users are frequent consumers and highly relevant for financial institutions – young, tech-savvy, and frequent buyers of products.

Banks and credit card companies pay CRED to get access to the data or advertise their products directly to these customers.

CRED Application #killthebill


CRED is a trusted application for paying credit card bills. Pay all your credit card bills and earn the CRED coins in return which you can redeem. “Kunal Shah” is one of the most popular entrepreneurs in the finance startup space.

He also founded freecharge which is a great free bill payments application for general category purchases.

We can conclude now that how CRED earns money even it’s free?, Revenue Model of CRED, Business Model of CRED, CRED Founder

Mr. Thin YouTube Channel’s Video
CRED Revenue Model


How does CRED make money?

CRED makes money by charging a fee from businesses to list products and offers on the CRED application. Also they expect to earn money from a credit-line business model in the future

Is CRED app safe?

As the Founder of CRED App had prior expertise in handling millions of Users on Freecharge, it’s safe to assume that the app is completely secure.

Who is the Founder of "CRED"?

“Kunal Shah” is the Founder of CRED application.

Is CRED an Indian Company?

Yes, it is a Bengaluru- based fintech startup that offers rewards for users to pay their credit card bills.

Is CRED Free?

CRED is absolutely Free to use. It also provides free credit scores powered by EXPERIAN and CRIF.

When was CRED started?

Kunal Shah (Founder of CRED) started CRED in 2018 with the Moto of making credit card bill payment simple

What is the Tagline of CRED?

Tagline of CRED is #killthebill


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