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Byju’s Business (Revenue) Model | Success Story of Byju’s (Business Model of Byju’s)

Byju’s is an Indian educational technology (EdTech) company that provides online learning materials and services to students. Its business model can be described as a subscription-based, content-driven platform combined with strategic partnerships and acquisitions.

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Byju’s Company Highlights

Company NameByju’s
HeadquartersBengaluru, Karnataka, India
Founders Byju Raveendran
Divya Gokulnath
Parent Organization Think and Learn Pvt. Ltd
Net Worth$11.5 Bn Valuation (August 2021)
Byju’s Company Highlights

Income Sources

There are Multiple sources through which Byju’s earns money. The sources are as follows:

  • Content Creation: Byju’s creates its own comprehensive learning content across various subjects and grades, covering the curriculum of major educational boards, including CBSE, ICSE, and state boards. The content is developed using multimedia formats such as videos, animations, interactive quizzes, and adaptive learning techniques.
  • Freemium Model: Byju’s offers a freemium model where a limited amount of content is available for free to attract users and demonstrate the value of their platform. Users can then choose to subscribe to gain access to the complete content library and additional features.
  • Subscription Model: Byju’s primarily generates revenue through paid subscriptions. Students and parents can subscribe to different plans based on the grade level and duration. Byju’s offers personalized learning experiences, allowing users to track progress, receive feedback, and access additional features like doubt-solving sessions and personalized mentoring.
  • Strategic Partnerships: Byju’s has formed strategic partnerships with educational institutions, schools, and teachers to expand its reach and enhance its offerings. These collaborations help Byju’s to integrate its content into school curricula, provide teacher training, and offer supplementary learning resources to students.
  • Acquisitions: Byju’s has pursued an aggressive acquisition strategy to expand its user base and enter new markets. It has acquired several EdTech companies, both in India and internationally, to complement its existing offerings, gain technological expertise, and access new customer segments.
  • International Expansion: Byju’s has been expanding its presence beyond India, targeting global markets. It has launched its learning app in countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and the Middle East, tailoring its content to suit local educational systems.
  • Upselling and Cross-selling: Byju’s utilizes upselling and cross-selling techniques to encourage users to upgrade to higher subscription plans or purchase additional products. It offers premium features like live classes, test preparation modules, and specialized courses for competitive exams to drive additional revenue.
  • Brand Partnerships: Byju’s has also collaborated with various brands to promote its services. It has entered into sponsorship agreements with sports leagues, such as the Indian Premier League (IPL), to increase brand visibility and reach a wider audience.

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Byju’s Competitors

The Top competitors of Byju’s are –

  • upGrad
  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Edureka
  • Simplilearn
  • Unacademy and more.


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