An E-Bike that can Run 100+ Kilometers in Single Charge launched by Hyderabad Based Startup

Hyderabad based Startup “Gear Head Motors” that launched the EV Vehicle (E-Bike) that can run more than 100 Kilometers after charging once.

In today’s world, electrical vehicles are growing all over the world. It is the best way to save pollution and fuel. Engines in petrol or diesel vehicles release harmful gases which are very harmful to humans, animals or nature. Also due to the scarcity of natural resources such as fuel/petroleum, we cannot use them for a long time.

Story of the “Gear Head Motors” Founder “Nikhil Gunda”

The co-Founder of the Startup is “Nikhil Gunda”. From the beginning, he wants to start something his own. He didn’t want to do 9 to 5 jobs. So when he was in the second semester of his engineering college, he opened his own COFFEE SHOP on the campus of Anurag University towards the end of 2015 with his friend.

Coffee Shop was doing well and growing fast day by day. After some time the Coffee Shop getting very crowded and the students also didn’t like this because they want to stay at the shop for a long time. Then Nikhil launched an app so that any student can book his coffee in advance by entering his college ID and mobile number and can come and take their coffee.

The app he developed for his coffee shop soon transformed into DigiDine, a startup he co-founded in college with his friend Arya Revanth in April 2016. Today, it’s a user behavior management company for restaurants with the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Nearly 350 restaurants enrolled in the first year, the business took off, and by January 2019, they sold the company to a Hyderabad tech company for an undisclosed six-figure sum.

However, around the time his DigiDine business was booming, Nikhil developed a real interest in electric vehicles (EVs).

When he went for a trip to Pink City Jaipur, a college senior met him at the same time. And Nikhil’s electrical vehicle desire was very high and his senior also had a mechanical field, due to which both of them started to have a lot of desire in this project.


Gear Head Motors Journey

Nikhil and his college senior (Met in Jaipur) as well as many friends build a company that builds electric vehicles.

They created a workshop where they build around 80% of the required components. They are able to sell the E-Bikes at very nominal price.

Now more than 100 units have sold by this startup and have earned more than Rs 60 lakh revenue. Members of the startup said that “Now we are working to improve the electrical vehicles of two and three-wheelers”.

Gear Head Motors is ready now for selling their own branded e-bikes. By June 2021 it will launch, their brand of e-bikes will be in more than 200 distribution centers across the country, he claims. They are taking pre-orders now.

Price Range of their E-Bikes

Their range of e-bikes, called MEF (Made For Earth), comes in three models

  • M1 (Basic) – The Basic model has a battery range of 50 km on a single charge with a 5.8 Ah lithium-ion battery which priced at Rs 18,999
  • S (Medium) – The Medium model comes with a battery range of 70 km on a single charge which priced at Rs 28,999.
  • E (Pro) – Finally, their Pro version gives riders a battery range of 100 km on a single charge and priced at Rs 33,999.

Transfer the three-wheelers into the EVs

The EV conversion kit offered by Gear Head Motors Startup costs about Rs 1.5 lakh with a lithium phosphate battery. The electric auto rickshaw would have a top speed of about 60 kmph and a battery range of 150 km per charge, costing the driver just Rs 35 paise per km.

Gear Head Motors (Electric-Vehicle) | Successko

“So far, GHM has converted 10 auto-rickshaws into electric, but with the right investment have the capacity to convert 50 to 60 autos in a week,”

Nikhil (Founder of GHM) said that “If big companies launch their latest brand of three-wheelers, who’s going to buy them? They can’t afford it. Our focus is helping these auto drivers bridge the gap between IC-engine to electric. We are providing them with a platform to evolve,”.


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