Affordable Two-wheeler E-Vehicles Ready to Launch Next Month

RedMoto XEV launches three new Electric vehicle Models which will be available to buyers in the Indian market from Next Month by May 21. It is a Chhattisgarh-based startup. These Eco-friendly vehicles will help to control pollution and are designed to be launched in the auto sector after high-quality testing at an affordable price compared to other vehicles range.

RedMoto XEV | Successko

RedMoto XEV is preparing to sell these E-vehicles to people at an affordable price with a great design. E-bikes will starts from around 80k (80 Thousand) and E-Scooters will starts at 65k (65 Thousand). These E-vehicles are designed with state-of-the- art technology and they can run up to 60 km (After Charging 4 Hrs).

Founder and CEO of RedMoto XEV- “Jitendra” said “Vehicle Models are ICAT tested in the low-speed category with a 48V system, with optional battery type of Lithium or VRLA.”  

Affordable Two-wheeler E-Vehicle by REDMOTO XEV

The company said that they have given special attention to make the look of these vehicles very attractive with reasonable and affordable prices.

They also claim that these vehicles will consume very few electricity units to be charged. Based on the testing of the vehicles done under the prescribed standards, the company says that consumers will be able to run these vehicles for about 1000 km at a cost of just Rs. 200.

These E-Vehicles are available for all the Indians. It is launched in Chattisgarh but the company is also working to manufacture its E-vehicles in different parts of India. The company starts to give the delivery of the E-Vehicles (E-Bikes and E-Scooters) next month by May 21, 2021.

RedMoto says launches three models of E-vehicles currently. The company has also started working to launch other series of E-vehicles in the Indian market soon.


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